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Preface to all Lovers of MV SlCfc.
Therefore when I had confidered the great want of
Books, fetting forth the Rules and Grounds of this
Divine Science of Mujickjvsx our own Language, it
was a great motive with me to undertake this Work,
though I muft confefs our Nation is at this time plen-
tifully ftored with skilful Men in this Science, better
able than my felf to have undertaken this Work }
but their flownefs and modefty (being, as I conceive,
unwilling to appear in Print about fo fmall a matter)
has made me adventure on it , though with the
danger of not being fo well done as they might have
performed it : And I was the rather induced there-
unto, for that the Prefcription of Rules of all Arts
and Sciences ought to be delivered in plain and brief
Language, and not in flowers of Eloquence \ which
Maxim I have followed : For after the molt brief,
plain, and eafie method I could invent , I have here
let down the Grounds of Mnfickj, omitting nothing
in this Art which I conceived neceflary for the
Practice of Young Beginners, both for Vocal and
Inftrumental Muficks Alfo I have in a brief method
fet forth the Art of Compoling Two, Three, and
Four Parts Mufically } • in fuch eafie and plain Rules
as are moil neceflary to be underftood by Young
Practitioners , which were never before Printed ,
but now in this Tenth Edition :' The Work as it is,
I mult confefs, is not all my own, fome part thereof
being collected out of other Authors which have
written on this Subject , the which I hope will make
it more approved. And if in the whole I gain your
ingenious Acceptance , it will further encourage me
to do ycu more Service in this nature.
J. Play ford.

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