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(9) Preface -
To all Lovers of MV SICK,
Mil S I C K in ancient Times was held in
as great Eltimation , Reverence and
Honour, by the molt Noble and Ver-
tuous Perfons, as any of the Liberal
Sciences whatfoever, for the mam'fold Ufes thereof,
conducing to the Life of Man : Philofophers accoun-
ted it an Invention of the Gods , bellowing it on
Men , to make them better conditioned than bare
Nature afforded ; and conclude a fpecial neceflity
thereof in the Education of Children, partly from
its natural delight and partly from the efficacy it
hath in moving the Affections to Vertue j commen-
ding chiefly thefe three Arts in the Education of
Youth, Grammar j Mnjick^ and Gymnafiick j this laft
is for the Exercife of their Limbs. QmntU. reports,
in his time the fame Men taught both Grammar and
Miificks Thofe then who intend the Pradtife thereof,
muft allow Mufick^ to be the gift of God, yet (Wee
other his Graces and Benefits) it is not given to the
Idle, but they muft reach it with the hand of In-
duflry by putting in practice the Works and Inven-
tions of skilful Artifts j for meerly to Speak and
Sing are of Nature , and this double ufe of the Ar-
ticulate Voice the rudeit Swains of all Nations do
make ; but to Speak well, and fing well, are of Art :
A 3 There-

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