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24 the Cliffs Redncti
As it is eafier to find a Man, who
always keeps his home, than if he (pent
his time in continual Rambling h Co I
fuppofe, none can deny, but the Notes
may be more readily known, when
they are perpetually rivited into the
fame places , then if they were (hufF-
ied up and down in their former Alte-
I would not therefore be tedious,
in further plirfuing fo plain a Demon-
ftration, but that Mufick-mafters,who
have by the practice of their whole
Lives, attained this laborious Artj
(this now troublefom and infignificant
Excellency) will be loath to confent
toa Way, wherein every young Pra-
ctitioner may Rival them j who by
exercifing himfelf only in that one
Method propofed, (hall be as nimble
at his Book, to play by fight in a year,
as they are in an Age.
For do but fuppofe all the labour
that was (pent in practicing three Cliffs,
had been beftowed upon one j and
that diffracted variety (which in per-
fecting one did, as it were, imperfect
another) was contracted in our United
Order, how great would the Perfe-
ction be. And let me tell you, though

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