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i£ The Gamut Reformed,
(bending, mi, la, fol, fa. Now that
which they are to be blamed for in this
is, that when they have given their
Scholars a Notional understanding of
this direction, their practice is to take
their rife from fol, andiing fol, la, mi,
fa, fol, la, fa, fol } as though fol was
the fyllable from whence they (hould
take aim, by which means they never
perfect their main rule $ and fo as Mi
alters, are confounded in naming their
Notes} whereas, if in their practice
they begin with mi, and fo fing for-
wards, mi, fa, fol, la, fa, fol, la, mi s
they would at once learn to rife an
O&ave with their voice, and gain a
readinefs in this rule, which they are
always to account by in whatever con-
dition they find Mi. >
ft is to no pur pofe to plead that fol is
for the molt part in the cliff line, and
therefore ready to begin with as they,
go upward 3 becaufe thefe lyllables
are pradiced only in order to other
Singings now Songs begin not with
fol, and go forward in that method,
but upon anynote 3 and fo skip about,
that norule can be oblerved, but that
which we contend for always to be
pra&i fed. 1

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