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The Gamut Reformed, 1 5
to be writ) becaufe it is the £«** or
foundation of Mufick. M for the
mean or middle part 5 Tr. for the tre-
ble, and if it be requifite to ufe the
Notes in Alt, you may for an higher
O&ave put double Ttr.
2. If the fi&itious words of the Ga~
mui were originally defigned to (hew
the place of Mi, yetmuft they now be
ufelefs for this end alfb, becaufe Re
and Lit, which chiefly compofe thefe
feigned names, are by Englifh Mufici-
ans already laid afide$ fo that I can't
tell any thing that perfwades Muftckc
Mafters to trouble their Scholars with
an impertinent difficulty ', but a pernici-
ous humour in fome men ftiil to do what
hath once been done, howfoever ufe-
lefii and unprofitable, or elfe an opini-
on that Mufick will appear in the
greater grandeur by bearing fuch my-
iterious terms in the front.
But how ever the Gamut hath been
(till continued, the Muficians thern-
felves have thought it infufficient for
the purpofe alledged. WherefoTe
that we may know how to place Mi,
they give us this rule which always
holds good, vtz. before Mi afcending
to name fa, fol, la, mi, and after mi de-

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