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14 The Gamut Reformed.
our cuflom is eafier, which computes
them by weeks, and comes about a-
gain with the fame days, and the fame
number of days, fowith great facility
fhall I caft up my Mufical account
within the circulation of an Odaves
for it will be all one if I fay, I will do
a thing one and twenty days hence, or
this day three weeks ? and befides, I
efcape the difficulty fore-mentioned,
that lies in the croft fituation of equi-
valent Notes.
That thofe forefaid hard names are
nothing to the purpofe 5 1 thus prove
it } for they (hould either diftinguifh
what O&ave the Note is in, or fignifie
the placing of Mi.
1. They can't declare a Note to be.
in a different Ocrave, becaufe their
names are not different in every O-
ctave, as that F fa ut is always the
fame, and G fol re ut, AUmire and moft
of the reft differ not in the upper
Oftaves : Wherefore really to diftin-
guifh them, I will at the beginning of
every leflbn in the place of three (in
themfelves infignificant) cliff cha-
racters, iet thofe letters which exprefs
the part wherein the Mufick is plac'd 5
as B forthebafe, fo called (and ought

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