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The Gamut Reformed. x j
fifth from Gamut, than ("which is the
fame) twelve Notes difcant.
And now you may difcernthecon-
veniency of this way of accounting for
a young Compofer, will much fooner
ken the Intervals of feven Notes only,
then if they were continued up to
thirty 5 efpecially if you confider how
the Muficians reckon inclufively, as if
eight and eight were fifteen,and eight
more two and twenty, which makes
the intermediate Concords lie after
this rate much at randome. I confels
if Mufick divided it fclf by tens, as
fuppofe eight (hould have for its equi-
valent concords eighteen, and eight
and twenty 5 this would be a good
clear way to reckon our Notes, but
fincein refpecl: of Gamut, or the Note
from whence we reckon, a third, a
tenth, a feventeenth are the three B's,
or Notes of the fame compofing value,
we make a very confufed computati-
on, which would be avoided by the
round about of an O&ave.
I will give you one true and mod:
evident companion i the Muficians at
prefent reckon their Notes at length,
as the Jews of old did their months by
a continued number of days 5 but as

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