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I * The Gamut Reformed'
take two drinking glaffes {faith he)
and fill one halfway with water, and
the other with the like quantity of
fome groffer liquor, juft of a double
thickneft, then draw your finger
pretty (tiff about the brim of the
glaffes feyeral times, till the parts are
put in motion, and you will hear a
Mufioal murmuring of O&aves from
thefenew kind of glafs inftruments.
An O&ave therefore being the fame,
in all refpefts with its original Note,
like fome beloved Son, who is the
pretty Pi&ure of his Parent, and will
ferve at any time in his Fathers ab-
fence 5 it will be the fame thing, if af-
ter I have pa fled oneO&aye, I begin
anew to reckon the reft,andfo round,
as if I afcended in the prefent variety
from eight to fifteen, and fo to two
and twenty. Hence I make my Scale
or Mufical Ladder but feven rounds
•high, which, while I make three or
four feveral marks for as many diffe-
rent O&aves one higher then another,
(hall be able to reach the tailed; Note
in Mufick 5 for it will be all one, ancj
much more perfpicuous to fay a fifth
in the fecond O&ave, than a twelfth
that is D la fol re, is an O&ave and a

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