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10 The Advantages of Muftck.
it may not unbecome the higheft ho-
nour or moft ferious gravity. I could
not but admire the Learning was Co
little frequented, and the exercife left,
but obferving how many in vain at-
tempted its dark and tedious princi-
ples 5 how many more were utterly
difcouraged by the ill fuccefs of fl-
iers 5 I found it wasthe difficulty lay
in the way, and hindred acceis to this,
as it does to all other brave accom-
plithments. Wherefore the defign of
thefe Papers is to take away the af-
frighting bug-bear terms, to reduccthe
confufed cliffs into one eftablifhed or-
der, and if there be any faith had to
reafon and experience, to (how a way
for the attainment of Mufick by Notes,
in much lefs then the ufual time re-

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