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4 The Advantages of Mufti £.
thofe who handle the Harp and Or-
So that whofoever (hall confider the
Authentick creator of Mufick, it's an-
tient Patronage, and moreover,the pra-
ctice of all civilized Nations, yet (hall
condemn it as fitly and trifling, as un-
worthy of generous and heroick minds,
not only flight thofe reafons which
obtain in far greater matters, but alfo
betray themfelves to be ignorant of
thofe exalted Nations, and noble Sen-
timents, which make it honoured both
in Peace and War: And indeed to
have fo little ingenuity, that they can
never apprehend its excellency,where-
forethey neglect what is above them,
and take up withfome ruftick paftime
which is common to Clowns and
Now to enumerate the Advantages
Mufick hath above other divertife-
ments, it is neceflary to alledge its in-
comparable pleafure, which makes it
the greateft recreation '? but becaufe
that is only known by hearing, and its
felf beft exprefles its own fweet elo-
quence, Imuftremit you to its practi-
cal and delicious entertainments, Where
you (hall feldom meet with people fo

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