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The Advantages of Mafic k^ 3
of a more fpecial power. Neither can
this bethought to proceed only from
a more nice acutenefsofthe ear, fince
that feveral perfons, who betray much
deafnefs in their common difcourfe
and converfe, are able exa&Iy to Tune
their Mufical rnftruments 5 anddifcover
the jarring of any difTonant note,
tbo ugh but foftly pronounced: Where-
by it appears that this peculiar faculty
doth not meerly arife from an excel-
lency of the common hearing, and
confequently that they are not the
•fame. But whether the diftinclion
comes from a different formation of
the little intrigues of the ear, or only
from an improvement that fbmemens
fouls are able to make of founds fo
qualify ed and reprefented to themv
it is hard to determine, and needlefs
for my purpofe, fo long as we find de
fitfo, that there is fuch a Mufical hear-
ing, and that God hath given fbme
men fuch a particular faculty, where-
foever it pleafed him to place it.
Now left this faculty ftiould feemto
be any time created in vain, Holy
Writ but (uccinclly defcribing the in-
fancy of the world, yet vouchfafes to
mention Jubal, the Mufical Father of
B'2 thofe

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