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2 The Advantages of Mnfyck.
felf : For upon this account God hath
created a peculiar faculty of hearing,
to receive harmonious founds, clearly
different from that by which we per-
ceive ordinary noifes^ infomuch, that
thofe who have not this Mufical hear-
ing, are by Nature as uncapable to
underftand Harmony, asaHorfeisto
receive the civility of a Complement.
And indeed as each particular fenfe is
fubordinate to, but diftincl: from the
common j Co here is forae fpecifick
power which fub-divides this more pri-
vate faculty from the common nature
of hearing : Or elfe what can be the
reafon, why all men that have ears
enough to entertain founds in general,
fhould not be able to difcern the plea-
lure of Mufick (which is a combinati-
on of founds as they are proportioned
in numbers) but becaufe they want
that faculty which is fitted with a pe-
culiar power for their reception.
He that hath any one fenfe good, is
capable of all objects that fall under
fuch a fenfe 5 one that can fee a horfe,
may fee a houfe, but he that can tell
a clock, cannot always tell the move-
ments of a lefibn, and the Harmony of
its confenting parts, which is the object

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