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(19) Page 422 - My wife has taen the gee

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(19) Page 422 - My wife has taen the gee
410"^^ ^ friend o' " mine came here yef_ treen, -An J
My Wife has taen the gee.
he mad hae me down, To drink a pot of ale wi' him. In
the xiieft borrows townj But oh, slake! it wag the waur, And
fr = r-^ =rt
i — E—
fair the waur for me; For lang or e'er that I came
j , '-•l/> { r*
i ^ ./, g ^ ^^
hame, My wife had taen the gee.
We fat fae late, and drank fae ftout,
The truth I tell to you,
That lang or ever midnight came,
W© were »' roaring fou.
My wif© fits at the fire-fide;
And the tear blinda ay her ee,
The neer a bed will fhe gae to;
But fit and tak the gee.
In the morning foon,v,hen I came down,
The neer a word fhe fpake;
But mom- a fad and four look.
And ay her head fhe'd (hake.
My dear,quoth I, what aileth thee,
To look fae four on me?
I'll never do the like aga'ln,
If you'll ne'er tak the gee.
When that fhe heard, (The ran, fhe Hang
Her arms about my neck
Arui twenty kiffies in a c~acfc,
And, poor wee thing, fhe #iat..
If j-ou'U neet do the Iika again,
But bide at name wi m<. .,
I'll lay lr.y life Ife ho the wife,
Thalia never cak tl > gee.

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