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0, Marion 's a bonnie lass,
And the blithe blink 's in her e'e ;
And fain wad I many Marion,
Gin Marion wad marry me.
There 's gowd in your garters, Marion,
And silk on your white hause-bane ;
Fou fain wad I kiss my Marion,
At e'en, when I come hame.
There 's braw lads in Earnslaw, Marion,
Wha gape, and glower wi' their e'e,
At kirk when they see my Marion ;
But nane o' them lo'es like me.
I 've nine milk-ewes, my Marion,
A cow and a brawny quey ;
I '11 gie them a' to my Marion,
Just on her bridal-day.
And ye'se get a green sey apron,
And waistcoat o' London broun ;
And wow but we'se be vap'rin'
Whene'er ye gang to the toun.
I 'm young and stout, my Marion ;
Nane dances like me on the green :
And, gin ye forsake me, Marion,
I '11 e'en gae draw up wi' Jean.
Sae put on your pearlins, Marion,
And kirtle o' cramasie ;
And, as sune as my chin has nae hair on,
I will come west, and see ye. 1
1 In a version of Tlie Ewe-huchts, popular in the south of Scotland,
the following chorus is added :
Come round about the Merry -knowes, my Marion;
Come round about the Merry-knowes wi' me ;
Come round about the Merry-knowes, my Marion;
For Whitsled is lying lee.
As Whitsled is a farm in the parish of Ashkirk, and county of Selkirk,

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