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(355) [Page 347] - One day I heard Mary say
This song by Crawford — unfortunate in the name assigned to
the lover, but yet a pleasant specimen of the genius of its author
— was composed to an old air, called from the original song I'll
Never Leave Thee, which commenced as follows :
Leave thee, lad, leave thee, lad,
I '11 never leave thee.
Gang the world as it will,
I '11 never leave thee.
One Day I heard Mary say was printed in the Tea-table
Miscellany and the Orpheus Caledonius, and has been included
in all subsequent collections. About 1770, the Itahan singer
Tenducci made a great success in introducing it to his Edinburgh
audiences; and so lately as 1848, the editor had the pleasure of
hearing a representation of that great vocalist's manner of
singing this song, from a gentleman who not only remembered
it well, but could imitate it with tolerable effect. As might be
expected, a strong rise in passionate energy at 'Alas, my fond
heart will break ! ' was the tour de force of the performance.
p 1 j j - ^^^ ^^m
One day I heard Ma - ry say, How shall I
leave thee? Stay, dearest A - don - is, stay; Why wilt thou
g^^g ^g ^g
e *-
grieve me ? A - las ! my fond heart will ■ brea

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