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40 Orpheus Caledonius*
Lady Anne Bothwel'j Laments
BAlow, my Boy, lie flill and fleep,
It grieves me fore to hear thee weep j
Ifthou'lt befilent, I'll be glad,
Thy Mourning makes my Heart full fad«
Balow, my Boy, thy Mother's Joy,
Thy Father bred me great Annoy.
Balow J &c.
Balow, my Darling, fleep a while.
And when thou wak'ft,then fweetly fmile i
But fmile not as thy Father did,
To cozen Maids, nay God forbid:
For in thine Eye, his Look I fee.
The tempting Look that ruin'd me.
Balow^ &c.
When he began to court my Love,
And with his fugar'd Words to move y

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