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22 Orpheus Caledonius.
Do here refort, their Flocks to feed.
The Hills and Haughs commending -,
^With Cur and Kent upon the Bent,
Sing to the Sun, Good morrow,
And iwear nae Fields mair Pleafures yield.
Than Leader Haughs and Tarrom.
AnHoufe there (lands on Leader-Mc^
Surmounting my defcriving,
With Rooms fae rare, and Windows fair,
Like 1)edalus' contriving :
Men pafling by, do aften cry.
In footh it hath nae Marrow 5
It ftands as fweet on L^^^^r-fide,
As Newark does on Tarrow,
'A Mile below wha lift to ride.
They'll hear the Mavis fingingi
Into St. Leonard's Banks Ihe'il bide.
Sweet birks her Head o'er hinging :
The Lintwhite loud, and Trogne proud^
With tuneful Throats and narrow.
Into St. Leonard's Banks they fmg,
As fweetly as in Tarrow*
The Lapwing lilteth o'er the Lee,
With nimble Wing Ihe fporteth^

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