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Sir W. Old woman, do not rave— prove wLat you
'Tis dangerous in affairs like this to play. (fay ;
Pat'e. What reafon. Sir, can an auld woman have
To tell a lie, when flie's fae near her grave ?
But how, or why, it fhould be truth, I grant,
I every thing that looks like reafon want.
Onmes. The (lory's odd ! we wifli we heard it out.
Sir IF. Make hsfte, good woman, and refolve each
(Maufe goesforivard leading Peggy to Sir William.
Maufe. Sir, view me wiel ; has fifteen years fo plew'd
A wrinkled face that you ha'e often view'd.
That here I as an unknown (Iranger fland,
Wha nurs'd her mother that now hads my hand ;
Yet ftronger proofs I'll gi'e if you demand.
Sir JV. Ha, honefl: nurfe ! where were my eyes be-
I know thy faithfulnefs, and need no more ; (fore?
Yet from the lab'rinth, to lead out my mind.
Say, to expofe her, who was fo unkind ?
C?«> Williatn embraces Peggy, and makes her fit by hitn.
Yes, furely, thou'rt my niece : truth muft prevail:
But no more words 'till Maufe relate her tale.
Pcttie- Good nurfe. gae on ; nae mulic's haf fae fine.
Or can gi'e pleafure like thae words of thine.
Maufe. Then it was I that fav'd her infant life.
Her death being threaten'd by an uncle's wife.
The ftory's lang ; but I the fecret knew,
How they purfu'd wi' avaricious view
Her rich ellate, of which they're now poff^ft;
All this to me a confident confeft.
1 heard wi' horror, and wi' trembling dread,
'I'hsy'd fmoor the faeklefs orphan in her bed.

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