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Paik. So am I !
For much I hope, and hardly yet know why.
Gland. Then, lince my mafter orders, I obey—
This bonny foundling ae clear mom of May,
Clofe by the lee fide of my door I found.
All Iweet and clean, and carefully hapt rouiulj
111 infant weeds, of rich and gentle make.
What cou'd they be, thought I, did thee forfabs ?
Wha, warfe that brutes, cou'd leave expos'd to air
Sae much of innocence, fae iweetly fair.
Sae helplefs young ? for ihe appear'd to me
Only about twa towmands auld to be.
I took her in my arms, the bairnie fmil'd
Wi' fic a look wad made a favage mild.
I hid the ftory, ihe has pais'd fincefyne
As a poor orphan, and a niece of mine;
Nor do I rue my care about the wean.
For (he's wiel worth the care that I ha'e tane.
Ye fee Ihe's bonny ; 1 can fwear (he's good.
And am right fure (he's come of gentle blood ;
Of whom I keima— naething ken I mair,
Than what I to your Honour now declare.
Sir IV. This tale feems ftrange !—
Patie- The tale delights my ear! (appes*?.
Sir V/. Command your joys, young man, till truth
Maufe. That be m.y taflc— Now, Sir, bid a* be huib^
Peggv may fmile— Thou baft nae caufe to blafli.
Lang ha'e I wifii'd to fee this happy day.
That I might fafely to the truth gi'e way;
That I may now Sir William Worthy name
The belt and neareft friend that (he can claim.
He faw'i: at fiiil, and wi' quick eye did trace
His filler's beauty in her daughter's face. F 3

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