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Betides your going about to have betray'd.
By perjury, an innocent young maid.
Bauldy. Sir, 1 confefs my taut thro' a' the fteps.
And ne'er again fhall be untrue to Neps.
Maufe. Thus far. Sir, he obliged me on the fcore,
I kend na that they thought me fie before.
Batildy. An't like your Honour, I believ'd it wiel 5
But troth I was e'en doilt to feek the de'i! ;
Yet, v/i' your Honour's leave, tho' (he's nae witch.
She's baith a flee and revengefu' .
And tliat my fnme place finds *,— but 1 had beft
Baud in my tongue, for yonder comes the ghaiB,
Ami the young bonny 'witch, whafe rofie cheek
Sent me, v>'ithout my wit, the de'il to feek.
Enter Madge, Peggy, and Jenny.
Sir W. {looking at Peggy). Whofe daughter's fh?
that wears tli' Aurora gown.
With face fo fair, and locks a lovely Lrown ?
How fparkling are her eyes ! what's this I find!
The girl brii:gs all my fifter to my mind.
Such were the fe;itmes once adorn'd a face.
Which death too foon depriv'd of fweeteft: grace.
Is this your daughter. Gland ?— —
Claud- Sir, {lie's my niece—
And yet Ihe's not— but I fnould had my peace.
Sir IF. This is a contradifkion ; what d'ye mean t
She is, and is not I pray thee, Glaud, explain.
Glaud. Becaufe I doubt, if I fhould mak appear "^
What I have kept a fecret thirteen year— f~
Mazife. You may reveal what I can fully clear. 3
Sir W. Speak foon ; I'm all impatknce !—

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