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They'll tempt young things like you, wi' youditJ|
Syne mak ye a' their jeft when ye're debauch' d4
Be wary then, I fay, and never gi'e
Encouragement, or bourd wi' lie as he.
Peggy. Sir William's virtuous, aixd of gentle LlooJ.,
And may not Patrick too, like him, be good .'
Gland. That's true, and moiiy gentry iaiae tiian h:^
As they are wifer, better are than we.
But thinner fawn ; they're fae puft up wi' pride.
There's mony of them mocks ilk haly guide
That Ihaws the gate to heav'n ,— I've heard myfeJ!,
Some o' them laugh at doomfday, iin, and htll.
Jenny. Watch o'er us father! heh, that's very odd.
Sure him that doubts a doomfday, doubls a Cod.
CUnid. Doubt! why they neither doubt, nor judge,
nor think.
Nor hope, nor fear; but curfe, debauch, and driul.:
But i'm no faying this, as if I thought
That Patrick to fie gates will e'er be brought.
Peggy. The Lord forbid ! Na, he kens belter thins^s;^
But here comes aunt, her face fome ferly brings.
Enter Madge.
I^i^adge. Haile, hade ye, we're a' fent for o'er the
To hear, and help to redd fome odd debate (^aLc,
'Tvveen Maufe and Bauldy. 'bout fome witchcraft i'ljel].
At Symon's houfe, the knight fits judge himlell.
Claud. Lend me myltaff— Madge locktheouterdoor.^
And bring the laffcs wi' ye ; I'll ftcp before. (Exit-
Madge. Poor Meg !— Look, Jenny, was the like e'er
How blcer'd and red wi' greeting look her eeid (feeu^
This day her br;*kan wooer taks his horfe.
To ftrut a gentle fpark as J-dinburgh trois i ^,„^

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