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(94) Page 80 - Bonny grey-eye'd morn

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(94) Page 80 - Bonny grey-eye'd morn
Syjnmi. 'Tis true enough, we ne'er heard tliat a
Had either meikle fenfe, or j et was rich ; (witch.
But Maule, iho' poor, is a iagacious wife.
And lives a quiet and very honeft life.
That gars me think this hoblefiaew that's p:Al
Will end in uaething but a joke ai laft.
Sir W. I'm fure it ^vi!l ; but fee increafing light
Commands the imps of darknefs down to night;
Sid raife my fervants, and my horfe prepare,
Whillt I walkout to tak the morning air.
SANG XX.— Bonny grey eye'd morn.
The bonny grey-ey'd morning begins to pee;?.
And darknefs flies before the riling ray^
The hearty hynd ftarts from his lazy fleep.
To follow healthful labours of the day.
Without guilty fting to wrinkle his bro\tr.
The lark and the linnet 'tend his levee.
And he joins their concert, driving the plovir.
From toil of griimace and pageantry free.
While flufter'd with wine, «r madden'd with loft
Of half an eftate, the prey of a main,
TiiC drunkard and gamefter tumble and tofs,
Wiihing for calmnefs and flumber in vain.
Be my portion, health and quietnefs of mind,
Plac'd at a due diitance from parties and ftate.
Where neither ambition nor avarice blind.
Reach him who hashappinefs link'd to his fate.

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