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Crap up. and fled ftraught frae them. Sir, to you.
Hoping your help to gi'e the de'iJ his due.
I'm fure my heart will ne'er gi'e o'er toduntj
Till in a fat tar-barrel Mauie be brunt. (be;
Sir W. Wiel, Bauidy, whate'er's juft fliall granted
Let Maufe be brought this morning down to me.
Bauidy. Thanks to your Honour foon Ihall I obey ,
But firft I'll Roger raife, and twa-three mae.
To catch her faft ere ilie get leave to fqueel.
And caft her cantrips that bring up the de'il. {Exit.
Sir W. Troth, symon, Bauldy's more afraid than
hurt, ^ (fport.
The witch and ghaift have made themfelves good
What filly notions croud the clouded mind.
That is thro' want of education blind ! (ihinof,
Sytnon. But does your Honour think there's nae lie
As witches rifing de'ils up thro' a ring.
Syne playing tricks, a thoufand I cou'd tell,
Cou'd never be contriv'd on this lide hell.
Sir IV. Such as the devil 's dancing in a muir,
Amongft a few old women, craz'd and poor.
Who were rejoic'd to fee him frifk and lowp
O'er braes and bogs, wi' candles in his dowp.
Appearing fometimes like a black horn'd cow.
Aft times like bawty, badrans, or a fow ;
Then wi' his train thro' airy paths to gHde,
White they on cats, or clowns, or broomftaffs ride.
Or in an egg (hell fldin out o'er the main.
To drink their leader's health in France or Spain ;
Then aft by night bombaze hare-hearted fools.
By tumbling down their cupboards, chairs, and (tools,
Whate'er's in fpells, or if there witches be,
S'4fh whimfies feem the molt abfurd to me.

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