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(88) Page 74 - When hope was quite sunk in despair

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(88) Page 74 - When hope was quite sunk in despair
My heart was like to burft ; but now I fee
Thy geu'rous thoughts will fave thy love for me;
Wi' patience then I'll wait each wheeling year,
Hope time away, till thou wi' joy appear ;
And a' the while I'll ftudy gentler charms
To mak me fitter for my trav'ler's arms :
I'll gain on uncle Glaud— he's far frae fool.
And will not grudge to put me thro' ilk fchool.
Where I may manners learn
SANG XVIII.— Tune, Tiveed-fide.
When hope was quite funk in defpair.
My heart it was going to break ;
My life appear'd worthlefs my care.
But now I will fav'tfor thy fake.
Where'er my love travels by day.
Wherever he lodges by night,
Wi' me his dear image fhall Hay,
And my foul keep him ever in fight.
Wi' patience I'll wait the lang year.
And ftudy the gentleft charms ;
Hope time away till thou appear,
To lock thee for ay in thefe arms.
Wiiilft thou watt a fhepherd, I priz'd
No higher degree in this life;
But now I'll endeavour to rife
To a height that's becoming thy \rifc:.
For beauty that's only flsin deep,
Muft fade like the go wans in May,
35Ht inwardly rooted, will keep
Ipr ever, without a decay.

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