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Eau. (ncnnin? off.) His prefence be about us !— Curft
were he
That were condemn'd for life to live wi' thee.
Exit Bauldy.
Madge (laughing.) I think I have towzled his hari-
gals a wee ;
He'll no foon grein to tell his love to me.
He's but a rai'cal, that would mint to lerve
A laffie fae, he does but ill deferve.
Mauje. Ye towin'd him tightly — -I commend ye
for't ;
His bleeding fnoot ga'e me nae little fport :
For tliis forenoon he had that fcant of grace.
And breeding baith— to tell me to my face.
He hop'd I was a witch, and wadna Hand
To lead him in this cafe my helping hand.
Madge. A witch ! how had ye patience this to bear.
And leave hv.n ten to fee, onlugs to hear.
Maufe. Auld wither'd hand^ and feeble joints like
Obliges fouk refentment to decline,
'Till aft 'tis fpen, when vigour fails, then we
Wi' cunning can the lack of pith fupply :
Thus I pat aff revenge 'till it was tWirk,
Syne bade him come, and we (hould gang to wark
I'm i'ure he'll keep his tryft; and I came here
To leek yofir help, that we the fool may fear.
Madge. And fpecial fport we'll ha'e as I proteft:
Ye'll be the witch, and I (liall play the ghaift.
A linen Iheet wound round me like ane dead,
I'll c.iwk my face, and grane, and fhake my head:
We'll fleg him fae he'll mint nae mair to gang
A cojijuring to do a laffie wrang.

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