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TvLiuJs. Let gang your grips; fy, Madge! howt,
Bauldy, leen ;
I wndna wi^h ihis tulzie had been feen,
' ris lae daft like
(Bauldy get's out of Madge's clutches ijjith &
bleeding nofe.
[ Madge. 'Tis dafter like to thole
! An ether-cap like him to b3aw the coal.
It fets him wiel, wi' vile unfcrapit tongue,
I To calt up whether i be auld cr young ;
, They're aulder yet than I ha'e married been,
•And, or they died, their bairm's bairns ha'e Teen.
Maufe. That's true ; and, Bauidy, ye was far to '^
blame, 5
IJ To ca' Madge ought but her ain chriilen'd name. Y
Bail. My lugs, my noi'e, and noddle find the |
fame. J
Madge. Auld roudes! filthly fallow, I (liall auld ye^
Maufe. Howt, no ;— yt'il e'en be friends wi' honelt
Come, come, ihake hands ; this maun nae farder gae.
Ye maun forgi'e 'ni ; I fee the lad looks wae.
Bait. In troth now, Maufe, I ha'e at Madge nae
For ihe abufing firft was a' the wyte (fpite i
Of what has happen'd, and fhou'd therefore crave
My pardon firft, and fhall acquittance have, (greet,
Madge. I crave your pardon ! Gallows face, gas
And own your faut to her that ye wad cheat ;
!,|Gae, or be blafted in your health and gear,
ill ye learn to perform as wiel as fwear.
ow and lowp back!— was e'er the like heard tell ?
!-|Svvith tak liim de'il, he's o'er lang out of h^lL

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