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For fear fome tighter lad, mair rich than I,
Has win your love, and near your heart may lie.
Jenny. I loo my father, coufin Meg I love ;
But to this day nae man my heart cou'd move:
Except my kin, ilk lad's alike to me ;
And frae ye a' I beft had keep me free.
Rogur. How lang, dear Jenny .'— fayna that agaia,j
What pleafure can ye tak in giving pain ?
I'm glad however that ye yet Hand free ;
Wha kens but ye may rue, and pity me ?
Jsnny. Ye ha'e my pity elfe, to lee you fet
On that whilk makes our fweetnefs foon forget:
Woiv ! but we're bonny, good, and every thing !
How fweet we breathe whene'er %ve kifs or ling '.
But we're nae fooiier fools to gi'e confent.
Than we our daiHn, and tint power repent :
When prifon'd in four wa's, a wife right tame,
Altho' the firft, the greateft drudge at hanie.
Roger. That only happens, when, for fake o' gear,;
Ane wales a wife as he wad buy a mare:
Or when dull pai'ents bairns together bind
Of different tempers, that can ne'er prove kind :
But love, true downright love, engages me,
(Tho' thou fhould fcorn) fall to delight in thee.
Jenny. W hat fugar'd words frae wooers lips can fa' J
But girniiig marriage comes and ends them a'.
I've feen wi' (hining fair the morning rife.
And foon the fleety cloads mirk a' the Ikies ;
I've feen the filver fpring a while rin clear.
And foon in moffy puddles difappear ;
The bridegroom may rejoice, the bride may finile;
But foon contentions a' their joys beguile.

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