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We'll but gae round the place, and foon he back,
Syne fup together, and tak our pint and crack.
Glaitd- I'll out a while, and fee the young anes
Hy bean's flill light, albeit my locks be gray.
Jenny pretends an errand hame,
Tmng Roger draps the reji.
To ivhifper out his Tneltingfl^ime,
And thoiv hk lafie's breaji.
Behind a bujh, iviel hid frae fight, they meet ;
&de, Jenny's laughing, Roger's liJie to greet.
Poor Shepherd !
Koger end Jenny,
DEAR Jenny, I wad fpeak t'ye, wad ye let.
And yet I ergh ye're ay fae i'cornfu' fet.
Jfvny. And what wad Roger fay, if he cou'd fpeak?
Am I obiis'd to guefs what ye're to feek ?
Rij!;er. Yes, ye reay guefs right eithfor what I grein^
Eakh bw my fervice, fighs, and langing een:
And ! maun out wi't, tho' I rifle your fcorn,
Ye're siever frae my thoughts, baith even and morn.
Ah ! cou'd I loo'e ye leis, I'd happv be,
E«t happier far ! coa'd ye but fancy me.
Jenny. And wha kens, honeft lad, but that I may?
Ye canna fay that e'er I faid ye nay.
Roger. Alake I my frighted heart begins to fail,
Wfaene'er I aunt to tell ye out my tale.

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