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But I'U lay te!i to ane wi' ony here,
That all I \)rophefy iliall fooii appear.
Symon. Yoa propheiying fouks are odd kind men !
They're here that ken, and here that difna ken
The wunpled meaning of your mico tale,
Whilk foon will mak a noile o'er muir and dale.
Claud. ' Tis iiae fma' fport to hear how Sym he*
And taks't for gofpel what the fpaeman gives
Of flawing fortunes, whiik he evens to I'ate:
But what we wifti we trow at ony rate.
Sir IV. Whiiht! doubtfu' carle ; for e'er the fun
Has driven twice down to the fea.
What I have faid, ye (hall fee done
In part, or nae mair credit me.
CLmd. Wiel, be't fae, friend ; I fliall fay naething;
mair ;
But I've twa fonfy lafles, young and fair.
Plump, ripe for men : I wifh ye cou'd forefee
Sic forrnnes for them, might bring joy to me.
Sir TV. Nae mair thro' fecrets can I lifti.
Till darknels black the bent ;
1 have bi. r anes a day that gift,
Sae reft a while content. (mc'",
Synion. Elfpa, caft on the cla^th, fetch butc Ibme
And of your beft gar this ?ul-l ftranger eat.
Sir IV. Delay a while 3 oar hofpitable care;
I'd rather enjoy this evening calm and fair
Around yon ruin'd tower, to fetch a walk
With you. kind *Viend, to have fom.e private talk. ^^ — ^
Syinai. Soon as you pleafe I'll anfwer your rlelire-j*^-' '- ^/
Andj Glaud, you'll tak your pipe bsjide the five ;—-.■ ...^^W^.
D 2 /; ^5^

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