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As I can fee my thumb— wow ! can he tell
(Speer at him foou as he comes to himieii)
How fooii we'll fee Sir William ? Whiiht, he heaves.
And fpcaks out broken words like ar:e raves.
Symon. He''!! foon grow better— Eli'pa, haile ye, gae
And fill up a tafs of ufquebae.
Sir William Jlarfs vp snd Specks,^
A Kiiight that for a Lyon fougiit
AgaJnii: a herd of bears,
Was to lang toil and ifrouble brouglirj,
In which fome thoufinds Ihares:
But now again the Lyon rares,
And joy Ipreads o'er the plai;>
The Lyon has defeat the bears,
/ The Kni>,'ht returns again.
That knight in a few days Oiali bring
A (hepher<l frae the fauld.
And {hali prefent him to his Kini:,
A fabjedl true and bauld :
He Mr. Patrick Il^all be call'd-
All you that hear me now
^Jay wiel believe what 1 have tald.
Tor it Ihall happen true.
Symon. FrieHd, may your fpaein-; happen foon and
Aviel ;
But, faith, I'm redd you've hargain'd wi' the ue'il.
To rel! fome tales chat i'ouk wad I'ecret keep ;
Or do you get them tald you in your ileep r
iiir tr. Howe'er I get them, never fuih your beard.
Nor come I to read fortunes for reward;

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