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THE GENTLE SHEPHELD. 4«j W. Ye cut before the point ; but, billy^ bide,
'II wager there's a moufe-mark on your fide.
Eljpa. Beteech-us-to ! and wiel I wat that's true;
^wa, awa, the deil's o'er girt wi' you ;
■"our inch aneath his oxter is the mark,
carce ever feen fince he firft wore a fark.
Sir JV. I'll tell ye niair, if this young lad be fpair'd
ut a ftiort while, he'll be a bra' rich laird.
Elfpa. A laird ! Hear ye, goodman— what think ye
ii|)t,'j( now ?
Symon. I dinna ken ! Strange auld man, what art
I?air fa' your heart, 'tis good to bode of wealth ;
pome turn the timmer to laird Patie's health.
Patic's health gaes round.
Patie. A laird of twa good whiftles and a kent,
sy.'p'wa curs, my trufty tenants on the bent,
s a' my great eftate— and tike to be :
lae cunning carle, ne'er break your jokes on me.
Sy?nMj. Whiflit, i'atie— let the man look o'er your
iiej|Aftymes as broken a fhip has come to land.
(Sir William lo)ks a little at Patie's hand, then conn-
ierjeiti falling into a trance, ivhile they endsavow
to lay him right.
Elfpa. Preferves!— the man's a warlock, cr pofftrft
IVi' fome nae good, or fecond«fight at leaft :
Vhere is he now ?
Gland. He's feeing a' that's done
In alka place beneath or yont the moon.
Elfpa. Thefe fecond-fighted fouks,his peace be here?
Ree things far aff, and things to come as dear

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