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'Tis Symori's houfe, pleafe tojiep in.
And vify't round and round ;
There's nought fiiperji'ous to give pain.
Or coftly to bejcund.
Tet all is clean; a clear peat ingle
Glances aniidji the floor :
The green hornfpoons, beach luggies mingle
On Jkelfs foregainjl the door.
While the young brood /port on the green.
The auld anes think it befi,
Wi' the broivn coiv to clear their e»n.
Snuff, crack, and take their reji,
Symcn, Glaud, and Elfpa.
E anes were young our fells— I like to fee
The bairns bob round vvi' other merrylie:
Troth, Symon, I'atie s grown allrapan lad.
And better looks than his I never bade ;
Amang our lads he bears the gree aw a' :
And tells his tale the clev'reft o' them a'. (baith j
Elfpa. Poor man ! he's a great comfort to U9 *
God mak him good, and hide him ay frae fl;aith.
He is a bairn, I'll fay't, wiel worth our care.
That gae us ne'er vexation late or air.
Glaud. 1 tr.ow, gcodwife, if I be not mifta'en.
He feems to be wi' Peggy's beauty ta'en.
And troth, my niece is a right dainty wean.
As ye wiel ken ; a bonnier needna be.
Nor better— be'c flie were nae kin to me.

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