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Maufe. Of what kind wlfdom think ye I'm pofifefi.
That lifts my charadler aboow the reft?
Bail. The word that gangs, how ye're fae wife and
Yt'il may be tak it ill gif I fhou'd tell. (fell,
Maufe. What fouk fay of me, Bauldy, let me hear ;
Keep naeihing up, ye naethiiig ha'e to fear.
Bate. Wiel, fince ye bid me, I fliall tell ye a'
That ilk ane talks about you, but a flaw :
When laft the \vind made Glaud a rooflefs barn ;
When laft the burn bore down my mither's yarn ;
When Brawny elf-ihot never mair came hanie;
When Tibby kirn'd and there nae butter came ;
When Befly Freltock's chuffy-cheeked v^ean
To a fairy turn'd, and coudna ftand its lane ;
When Wattie wander'd ae night thro' the fhaw.
And tinthiuifcll amaift amang the fnaw;
When Mungo's mare ftood ftill, and fwat wi' fright.
When he brought eaft the Howdy under night;
When Bawfy fhot to dead upon the green ;
And Sara tint a fnood was nae n.air feen ; j
You, Lucky, gat the; wyte of a' fell out; j
And ilka ane here dread:, ye round about ;
And fae they may that mean to do ye flcaith;
For me to wrang ye, I'll be very laith:
But when I neift mak grots, I'll ftrive to pleafe
You wi' a furlot of them, mixt wi' peafe.
Maiife. I thank ye, lad— now tell me your demaaJ,
And, if I can, I'll lend my helping hand.
Baa. Then, I like Peggy— Neps is fond of me— ~h
Peggy likes Pate— and Patie's bauld and flee, |-
Aiid iooes f'.yeet Mc»— Bui Neps I d^v/na IV-c— 3

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