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A furlet of good cakes my Ellpa beuk.
And a large ham hangs reefting in the nook :
I iaw myfell, or 1 came o'er the loan.
Our nieikJe pat, that fcads the whej', put on,
A mutton book to boil— and aiie we'll roali;
And on the hag^ieg Elfpa fpares nae coalt :
Snia' are they (horn, and fhe can mix fu' nice
The gufty ingans wi' a cur;' o' fpice :
Fat are the piKidings— heads and feet \vie3 fung :
And we've invited nibours auld and young.
To pafs this afternoon wi' glee and game,
And drink our mallei's health and welcome hame.
Ye maunna then refufe to join the relt.
Since ye're my neareft friend that 1 like bell :
Bring wi' ye a' your family ; and then.
Whene'er you pleafe, I'll rant wi' you again.
Glaud- Spoke !ike ye'r fell, auld-birky, never fear.
But at your banquet I Ihall firft appear :
Faith, we fhall bend the bicker, and look bauld,
'Till we forget that we are fail'd or auld ;
Auld, faid I !— Troth, I'm younger be a fcore,
Wi' your good news, than what I was before :
I'll dance or e'en! hey, Madge, com forth ; d'ye hear?
Ejiter Madge.
Madge. The man's gane gyte !— Dear Syraon, wel.
come here—
What wad ye, Glaud, wi' a' this hafte and din ?
Ye never let a body fit to fpin.
Glaud- Spin ! fnufF!— Qae break your wheel, arid
burn your tow,
And fet^he meikleft peat ftack in a low ;

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