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(39) Page 31 - Laird wha in riches and honour

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(39) Page 31 - Laird wha in riches and honour
Symon. Nor wad he lang, wi' fenfelefs faucy air.
Allow our lyart noddles to be bare.
" Put on your bonnet, Symon— tak a feat-
How's a' at hame ?— How's Elfpa— How does Kate ?—
How fells black cattle ?— What gies woo this year I"
And fiG like kindly queftions wad he fpear.
SANG V HI.— Tune, Mucking of Geordy's hyre.
The laird wha in riches and honour
Wad thrive, fliould be kindly and fre^
Nor rack his poor tenants wha labour
To rife aboon poverty :
Elfe like the pack-horfe that's unfother' d
And burden'd, will tumble down faint ;
This virtue by hardfhip is fmocLer'd
And rackets aft tine their rent.
Claud. Then wad he gar his butler bring bedeera
The nappy bottle ben, and glaffes clean,
Whilk incur bread: rais'd (ic a blythrome flame.
As gart me mony a time gae dancing hame.
My heart's e'en rais'd .'—Dear nibour, will ye ftay.
And tak your dinner here wi' me the day ;
We'll fend for Elfpa too—and upo' light,
I'll whittle Pate and Reger frae the height.
I'll yoke my fled, and fend to the niell town.
And bring a draught of ale, baith ftout and brown ;
And gar our cottars a', man, wife, and wean.
Drink 'till they tine the gate to ftand their lane.
Symon. I wadna bauk my friend his bly th defign*
Gif that it hadna firft of a' been mine:
For e'er-yeftreen I brew'd a bow of maut,
Yeftreen I flew tw£i watbers prime and fat J

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