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(38) Page 30 - Cauld be the rebels cast

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(38) Page 30 - Cauld be the rebels cast
Pecaafe ye ken fu' wiel he bravely chofe
To Hand liis Liege's friend wi' great Montrofe :
Now Cromwell's gane to Nick; and ane ca'd Monlc
Has play'd the Rumple a right flee begunk,
Reftcr'd King Charles; and ilka thing's in tune
And Habby fays, we'll fee Sir William loon.
Gland. That makes me blyth iiideed!— but dinr.
Tell o'er your news again I and fwear lill't a'. {fla\
And faw ye Hab ! and what did Halbert fay ?
They ha'e been e'en a dreary time away.
Now God be thanked that our laird's come hame j
And his eftate, fay, can he eithly claim ?
Symon. They that hag-rid us 'till our guts did T
grane ; |
Like greedy bairs, dare nae mair do't again.
And good Sir William fall enjoy hisain,
SANG VIL-Tune, Cauld Kallin Aberdeen.
Cauld be the rebels caft, jjj ^'
Oppreflbrs bafe and bloody, /| ^■
I hope we'll fee them at the laft
Strung a' up in a woody.
Blell be he of worth and fenfe.
And ever high in Ration,
That bravely ftands in the defence
Of confcience, king, and nation.
Gland. And may he lang; for never did he fiend
ITs in our thrieving wi' a racket rent ;
Nor grumbled if ane grew rich, or fhor'd to raife
Our mailens, when we \sA on Sunday's claiths.

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