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Jfnug tlmck houfe, before the door a green;
Hem on the middiniJ,, ducks in dubs arefeen.
Ok this fide Jiatids a barn, on that a byre :
A peatjiack joins, and forms a rural fquare.
The houfe is Gland's— There ymt may fee him lean.
And to his divot feat invite hisfrien'.
Glaud and Symon
GOOD-morrow, nibour Symon— come, (it down.
And gie's your cracks— What's a' the news ia
riiey tell me ye was m the itfier day, (town.
And fald your Crummock, and her baflen'd quey.
I'll warrant ye've coft a j>und of cut and dry ;
Lug out your box, and gie's a pipe to try. (boy
Symon. Wi' a' my heart— and tent me now, auld
ve p;ather'd news will kittle your heart wi' joy.
cou'dna reft till I came o'er the burn.
To tell ye things ba'e taken fie a turn,
kVill Rar our vile oppreffors ftend like flaes,
Vnd flvulk in hidliiigs on the hether braes. (ftand
Glc.ud. Fy blaw !— Ah, Symie ! rattling chieJs ne'er
ro deck and jpread the groffeft lies afF-hand,
Ivhilk Toon flies round, like wjU-fire, far and near:
5ut loofe your poke, be't true or faufe let's hear. '
Symon. Seeing's believing, Glaud, and I have leen
lab, that abroad has wi' our m.atter been ;
)ur brave good niaiter, wha right wifely fled,
Lnd kit a fair cftate to fave hjs headj

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