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Pegs^y. Gae farer up the burn to Habbie's How,
W}iere a' tlie tweets oflpring and fummer grow :
Between twa birks, out o'er a Httle lin.
The water fa's, and makes a fingan din:
A pool breaft-deep, beneath as clear as glafs,
KiflVs with eafy whirles tlie bord'ring giafs.
We'll end our waflilnp;, while the morninj^'s cool.
And when the daj' grows het, we'll to the pool.
There walh our lells — 'tis heaithfu' now in May,
And fweetly cauler on fae warm a day,
Jenny. Daft laffie, when we're naked, what'll ye fay
Git our twa herds come bratrlins: down the brae
And i'ee us fae ? that jeerinp; fallow Pate,
Wad taunting fay, Haith VAYes y e're no blate,
Pefigy. We're far'frae ony road, and out o* fight j
The l:ids they're feeding far heyont the height ;
But tell me now,, dear Jenny, we're our lane.
What gars ye plague your wooer wi' difdain ?
The neighbours a' tent this as wiel as I,
That Roger loo's ye, yet ye care na by.
What ails ye at him ? Troth, between us twa.
He's wordy you the beft day e'er ye faw.
Jenny. I dinna like him, Peggy, there's an end,
A hei'd mair flierpilh yet I never kend.
He kames his hair indeed, and gaes right fnug,
Wi' ribbon-knots at his blue bonnet-lug;
Whilk penfylie he wears athought a-jee,
Ann fpreads his garters dic'd beneath his knee.
He faids his o'erlay down his brealt wi' care.
And few gangs trigger to the kirk or fair ;
Fonli' that, he can neither iing nor fay.
Except, Eo">.v d'ye?— or, T/ie?e''s a btnny day-,

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