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Paiie. Wiel, ha'd ye there— and finceye've frankly
To !ii9 a larefent of your bra' new plaid, (jnade
My fiurc's be ycmrs^ and flie too that'-s fae nice.
Shall come a- will, gif ve'll tak my advice.
Roger. As ye advii'e, I'll promiie to oui'erv't ;
But ye maun keep the flute, ye beft defevv't j
Now tak it out and gie's a bonny ipring ;
For I'm in tift to hear you play and fing,
Patie, But firit we'll tak a turn up to the height,
AimI fee gif a' our flocks be feeding right:
Ee that time bannocks, and a (have of cheefe,
Wili niak a breakfait that a laird might pleafe ;
Might pleafe the dentieftgabs, were they i'ae wife
To feafon meet wi' health, inftead of fpice.
When we ha'e tane the grace drink at this well,
I'll whillle fyne, and ling t' ye like myfell. {Exeunt.
A floivrie hoiV7n betiveen tiva verdant hra§s,
Whare Iqffbi life to wafli andfpread t/ieir claiths,
A trotting burnie ivimph'ng thro' the ground,
Irs channel peebles, fhining fmooth and round :
Here ijieiu tiva barejoot beauties clean and clear;
Fir ft pleafe your eye, next gratify your ear ;
Jl'hile Jenny luhat Jhe ivijhes difcominends.
And 3L;g, lu/' better fenfe, true love defends.
Peggy a^i Jenny.
COME, Meg, let's fa' to wark ujson this green.
This fliining day will bleach our linen clean ;■
The water dear, the lift unclouded blew.
Will mak them like a lily wet wi' dew.

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