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(27) Page 19 - Dear Roger, if your Jenny geck

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(27) Page 19 - Dear Roger, if your Jenny geck
Seem to forfake her, ibon flie'll change her mood :
Gae woo ankher, and flie'll gang dean wood.
SANG IL— Tune, Fy gar rub her o'er 'wPJiraeu.
Dear Roger, if your Jenny geek.
And anfwer kindnefs wi' a flight.
Seem unconcern'd at her negleft.
For women in a man delight :
But them defpife who 're foon defeat.
And wi* a fimple face gi'e way
To a reimlfe— then he not blate,
Pufti bauklly on, and win the day.
When maidens, innocently young.
Say aften whar they never mean:
Ne'er mind their pretty lying tongue j
But tent tlie language of their eeu i
If thei'e agree, and Ihe perfift
To anfwer all yoar love wi' hate.
Sack elfewhere to be better bleft.
And let her %h when 'tis too late.
Rtger. Kind Patie, now fair-fa' your hoiieft hearty,
Ye'r ay fae cadgy, and ha'e fie an art
To hearten ane : For now, as clean's a leek,
Ye've cherifh'd me fince ye began tofpeak.
Sae, for your pains, I'll make ye a proline,
(My mother, reft her faul ! flie made it fine);
A tartan plaid, fpun of good hawllock woo.
Scarlet and green the fets, the borders blue :
Wi' fpraings like gowd and filler, crofs'd wi' black;
I never had it yet upon my back.
Wiel are ye wordy o't, wha ha'e fae kind
Red up my ravel'd doubts, and clear'd my »\ia«U

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