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To the Right Homurahle
THE Jove of approbation, and a defireto pleafethe
beft, liave ever encouraged the Poets to finiQi
their defigns with cheeriulnels. But, confcious of
their own inability to oppofe a ftorm of fpleen and
haughty ilJ.nature, it is generally an ingenious cu-
ftom amor.g them to chuie fome honourable (hade.
Wherefore I bet? lea*e to put my Paftoral under
your Lady fliip's prottdlion. If my Patronefs lays the
Shepheids fpeak as they ought, and that there are
feveral natural flowers that beautify the rural wild,
1 fhal! have good reafon to think myfelf fafe from
the aukwarri cenfure of fome pretending judges that
rtridemn before examination.
I a:v. fure of vaft numbers that will croud into your
Ladyfhip's oi/Miion, and think it their honour to agree
in their fentimeiits with the Countefs of Eglinloun,
whole penetr;)tion, fnperior wit, and found judgment
fhines with an uncommon iuftre, while accomjianieci
with the divintr charms of goodnefs and equality of
If il. were not for offending only your Ladydiip,
here, i^^adam, I might give the fulleii liberty to inj'
mufe fo delineate the fineft of women, by drawipg
your Lidyliip's charatSler, and be in no hazard of
aeiiig 'ic-t-iied a flatterer, fince flattery lies not in pay-
|ing wiiat's due to merit, but in praifes mifplaced.
Were 1 to begin with your Ladyfhip's honourable
pirth and alliance, the field is ample, and prefents us
ivith numberlefs great and good i'atriots that have
lignified the names oi' Ksnnedy and Montgomery: Ee
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