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The Moment Aurora.
THE moment Aurora pecp'd into my room,
I put on my clothes and I call'd to my ^room ;
And, my head heavy flill, troiii the fumes of lalt
Took a bumper of brandy to fet all things right ;
And nov/we're well iaddled, fleet Dapple and Giey,
Who feem'd lonsfiiisr to hear the sflad found — harh
Hark a,xf o y ,ls c .
Will Whiftle by this had uncoupl'd the hounds,
Whole exilacy nothing could keep within bounds;
Firft forward came jovilerj then Scentweli, then
Three better Haunch harriers ne'er ftarted a hare.
Then Sweetlips, then Dri\er, then titaunch, and
then Tray,
AH ready to open at — hark, hark away.
away, y^c.
'Twas now by the clock about five in the morn.
And v.e all gallop'd off to the found of the horn ;
JackrGater, Eill fabler, and Dick at the gun,
•And' by this time the merry Tom Fairplay made one
lA'ho, while we uere jogging on blilhfome and gay,
Lung a U'Jig, and ihc'chorus was — hark, hark away.
iLirk atvay, tTc.
And now jcain.y Lurcher, had. every bufh beat.
And no fjgns ot madam, nor trace of her feet ;
^, ay, vvejiift had begun our fad fomints to curfe,
\^ hen all of afuddi.n out flans Mrs. Fufs;
Men, horfes and dogs, ail the glad-call obey,
A::d echo was heard to cry — harlr, hark away.
H^irk away, Is'c.
The chace was a fine one, flie took o'er the plain.
Which fli£ doubled, and doubled, and doubled again;
Till at at lafl flie to cover return'd out of breath.
Where I av.d \AM11 Whillle were in at the death ;
Then in triumph for you I the hare did djfplay.
And cvy'd to the horns, my boys — hark, hark dway.
Hark atvay, ii'c.
How bleft ihe Maid.
HOW blefl the «naid whofe bofo;ii
No headftrong paflion knows,
Ter days in joy fhe pafies,
Ker nights in calm repofe ;
Where e'er her fancy leads her,
No pain, no fear invades her,
Lut pleafure without meafure,
From ev'ry objeft flows.
~^o pain, no fear, where e'er ilie goes,
How blefl; the maid whofe bofom
No headflrong paffion knovi s,
I'er days in joy fhe paffes,
Ker night in calm repofe ;
Where e'er her fancy leads,
No pains no fear invades.
No fear invades, no fear invades. hickcrfiaff.
Take, Oh ! take thcfe Lips away.
'T'^AKE, Oh ! take thofe lips away,
-^ That fo fweetly were forfworn ;
And thofe eyes, the break of day,
, Lights that do miflcad the morn.
Put my kifTes. give again,
"Seals of love, tho' fcal'd in vain.
Hide, Oh I hide' thofe hills of fnow,
Which thy frozen bofom bears ;
■On.»whofe tops ibe pinks that grow,
A'e like thofe that April wears.
Put from my tentler bleeding heart,
Withdraw the arrov/, eafe the fman ;
Offend no more great angry Jc-e,
But pity, fince you !o'. ; !
The Tobacco Box,
HO' the f^ite of battle on to-morrow 'waif.
Let's not lofe our prattle now my charging Kate,
Till the hour of glory love fhould now take place.
Nor damp the joys befoie you with a future cafe.
Oh my Thomas ftill be conftant, ftil be true.
Be but to your Kate, as Kate is Itill to you
Glory will attend you flill, will make usbleff.
With my firmefl love my dear you're ftill poffefr.
No new beauties tailed, I'm their arts above,
Three campaigns are wafted, but not fo my love.
Anxious ftill about thee, thou art all I prize.
Never Kate, without thee, will I bung thefe eyes.
Conftant to my Thcmas I will ftill remain.
Nor think I wilMeave thy fide the whole campaign,
Eut I'll cherifh thee and ftrive to make thee bold"
May'tt thou fhare the \idl'ry, may 'ft thou fhare the
If by Ibme bold aftion I the halbert bear,
7 hinh w hat fatisfadion when my rank you fhare,
Drefl like any lady fair from top to toe,
Tine lac'J caps and ruffles then will be your due.
If a ferjeant's lady I fhould chance to prove.
Linen fhall be ready always for my love ;
Never more will Kate the captain's laundrefs be,
I'm too pretty, 1 homas love, for all but thee.
I^ere, Kate, take my 'bacco box, a foldier's all.
If by Frenchmen's talows yourTom isdoom'd to fall
When my life is ended,, thou may 'ft boaft and prove,
Thoud'fl my firft, my laft, my only pledge of love.
Fere take back thy 'bacco box, thou'rt all to me.
Nor think but I will be near thee. Love ! to fee.
In the hour of danger let me always fhare,
I'll be kept no ftranger to my foldier's fare.
Check that rifing figh, Kiate, ftop that falling tear,
Come, my pretty comrade, entertain no fear ;
Bat may heav'n befriend us; hark ! the drums com-
Now I will attend you. Love, I kifs your hand.
I can't ftop thefe tears, though crying I difdain.
But muft own 'tis trying hard the point to gain ;
May good heav'ns defend thee,conqueft on thee wait.
One kifs more, and then I give thee up to fate.
Both repeat the laft I Conqueft on me wait,
verfe, onlyThomas fays ]" And yield myfelf to fate.
When Molly fmiles.
''HEN Molly fmiles beneath her cow,
I feel my heart I can't tell how ;
When Molly is on Suncay dreft,
On Sunday I can take no r.'ft.
VV hat can I do on working days?
I leave my work on her to raKe.
What fiiall I f<iy ? At fermons I
Forget the text, v. hen Aioily's by.
Good mafier curate, teach me how
To nnnd your preaching and my plougli :
And if for this you r.iife a fpeil,
A good fat gocfe IImU thank you well.

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