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round him play. En
sun - ny hdurs. But
rap - turd now I
doub - ly hap - py
take my way. While
in ^ou^bowe^s,^^^l(•|l
joy en - liv - ens a' th('scene,-DowTi by yon shad _ ed stream 1 stray, To
f rajvrance scentsthe dew-y e"en, I wan -der where yourstreamlet pours. To
meet atf hail my bon - nie Jean,
meet an" hail my bon - nie Jean.
Let grandeur rear her lofty dome,
Let mad ambilion kingdoms spoil,
Through foreign lands let avarice roam.
An' for her prize unceasing toil;
Give me fair nature's vernal smile.
The sheltered grove and daisied green,
rU happy tread my native soil.
To meet an' hail mv bonni(; Jean.

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