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^^'- ;■■ ^- J', i' J, ji J, p I p- rp^
Milt thou be my dea-rie, 0? Now na - ture oleads the flow'- ry Ifa, Anil
Wilt thou be my dea-rie, 0? And ^^Iipti the wel-eome sim-mershow*rHa'>
r [,u- i
>" r r
¥ ^'' P r' p p' F p ^' I J'. ^'' p P p' P ^
a' is youn^ and sweet lilsethee; wilt thou share its joys wi' me, And
cheer'd ilk droo- ping- lit - tie flow'r, We'll to the breathing^woodbinebowY, At
¥ ^ J ^ ' - j ,
r tr-
7 K 7
P 7 p 7
7 r 7
p ' p
^' ^' ;. i) i
saythou'ltbe my dea-rie,
suit - ry noon my dea - rle,
T^assie Avi", A-r.
When Cynthia licphts, wi' silver ray.
The weary shearer's hameward May,
Through yellow-waving fields we'll stray
And talk o" love, mv dearie, 0.
Lassie wi', A-e.
And when the howling- wintry blast
IMsturhs my lassie's midnight rest,
Kn'laspcd to my faithfn' breast.
Til eomfnrt thee, my dearie, O.

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