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set mem a' in <»r_«ie-r. i\ui\
tliey declare, Tcr_ rea-gdes fair, F^r their a_hode they ehuse it; There v
1 t y — ^ -
ntl, But's ligdit-er at the news o't. And
S fe N s
1 — — * =i=i
r I r h r r r M r r
J i I
hey de-(bre, Ter_ rea _£rle* fair. For their a — bo<ie lhey_ ciuise it; There's
— — .. . . j . 1 1 T ■ . . a . . - . r ■
no a heart in a 1 the land, But's light-er at the news o't .
Tho 1 stars in skies may disappear,
And angry tempests (rather;
The happy hour may soon he near
That briny's lis pleasant weather:
The" weary night o' care and griel
May hae a joy'"' morrow,
So dawninjf day has -brought relief,
Fareweel our night o' sorrow .

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