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i'hf. w/non'\s LVLL^BW
■ n m i ! nifrj jir,;.
Best, lovely babe, cm mill Iter's knee,Hest,lovcl\ babe,on mother's k ncc, An<l
m J gj g | J ill . ^fe j.J i j' § | 11^;
P £ff * *
I ha'e ne'er a friend sae true, As would my honnic ha _ by
Rest, lovely babe, &c.
Ob! ante, and I could little think
A lot sae ITard w'nuld eVr be thine,
As thus a mother's tears to drink!
For, baby, thou hast drunk o' mine.
Rest, lovely babe, &< .
smile, my b^bej for sic a smile
Thy father aye put on to me";
() smile, my babe} and look the while.
For thou look'st wi' thy father's e'e.
Rest, lovely babe, &c.
O that this widciw'd heart would beat
Till thou in years hadst upward gfrown!
That I might learn thy future fate,
Nor leave thee in the world alone.

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