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Tnk ijtglf. side*
W ffi |y= 7| 7 ■ x " - T - » — *
Its rare to sec tlic morn_ing" bleeze L.ike a bonfire frae the
^^ ^ w^ ^
*ea? Its tair to see the hurnic kiss The lip o 1 the llowti ry Ira; An'
j-, rijc^-^cr^
I j ili r p 1 1 I j ^HMfcfc gzp ii
far - cr< fair— er, fin-er far. Is the in — pic side to me.
t ^- £r f- 1 - t f^ . ^ = ^^X_-J^
Grlcns may be gilt wi' gowans rare,
The birds may fill the tree.
Ami haiitrhs hae a* the scented ware
That simmer's growth can fifie;
But the canty hearth, -where cronies meet,
An' 1he daffing- n"> our ec,
That maks to us a warld complete!
O the ingie sides for me.

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