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Air, Kinlixh oi Kinl«< li.
'^ti*li3 J* B § B I B
O,bonnie bird* that strain, Frae hopless love itself it Hows; Sweet
a» ,ii>fa S 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I i nHnrrr 5 ;
7— tt h EE5EE5EEE 3Ei Si n l «>i « =E
i rp '■
■l— =r-
i = ="
birr), O war-)>le it a— gain, Thou'st tonchd the string til a' my woes ; O
m irr
i — i
J J Q -11=11 =3=5
lnll me willi it to re_i>ose, 111 dream of her who's far ,» _wa\ , And
M^— J^
Pouldsl thou but learn frae mc my grief,
Sweet bird, thoudst leave thy native grove,
And fly, to bring" my soul relief.
To where my warmest wishes rove ;
Soft as the cooinj2j"s of the dove,
Thoiflt sing thy sweetest, saddest lay,
And melt to pity, and to love,
The bonny maid of Alderney.
"Well may I sigh and sairly weep;
Thy song sad recollections bring;
Oi fly across the roaring dee}>,
And to my maiden sweetly s 'ug;
'Twill to her faithless bosom bring
Remembrance of a sacred day ;
But feeble is thy wee bit -wing,
And far's the isle of Alderney.
Then, bonny bird, wi* mony a tear,
111 mourn beneath this hoary thorn,
And thou wilt find me sitting here,
Ere thou canst hail the dawn o' morn .
Then, high on airy pinions borne,
Thou'lt ' chaunt a s-uig o 1 love and war,
And soothe me, weeping at the scorn
O the sweet maid of Alderney,
And when around my wearied head,
Soft pillow'd where my fathers lie,
Death shall eternal poppies spread?
And close for aye my teartu* eye.
Perthfl on some bonny branch on high,
ThoiVlt sing thy sweetest roundelay,
And soothe my spirit passing by
To meet the maid of AMcriuy.

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