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(203) Page 77 - Ye bonnie haughs
Slow a in)
with Ffeliii^]
y^jgu :
Air, -The Scotish Exile's Lament.
Ye bonnie hatighs and heather braes, Whare I Jiae t>ast youth's
J I *
zf —r- a . IL* • j *
* a B
^t m ^l P f
a m - ■
■ — g
hly'hest <la\ s, Anc i_€lle dream o' bliss ye lie, That oars me sfyh lor my ain < ountric.
O ImiiM we rade t lire? Stir lin toTin, Wi' |>is_ tol swunl arid rmis_<{iie_ toon, And
* *-~J i ft
r 1 1 J ^nrg
banner braid dis^lay'd bad we, Like brave men habl_iii^ (om_|>a_nic.
We left our loves, we left our hames, And dwyning in this fremit land,
We left oxir bairns and winsome dames, Does feckless mak baitb heart and band,
And we drew our swords rioht manfully And gars thir tears dran frae my ee.
To back the king o' our ain countrie.
Bnt Carlile yetts are wat wi blnde,
Tbat ne'er sal fa' in my ain countrie.
O Oarron brig is auld and worn,
Micht matches richt, and dooms the yude; Where 1 and mv forbears were born;
And gentle blnde o' ilk degree
But bonnie "is that brig to sec
Has stained the hearths o' my ain countrie. By ane flemit frae his ain countrie,
And gladly to the listening ear
Is borne the waters < riming clear.
Making a moan and melodie
Tbat weds the heart to its ain countrie.
Q. gi>» 1 were a wee wee bird ,
To light adown at Randiefuird,
And in Kirk o' Mure to dose my e'e,
And fald my wings in m\ ain countrie

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