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^W'UjftJ I UUll'nUi:!'
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Wi' a round rosy taj>, like a meikle black-hoyd,
It was slouch'd just a kenning' on either hand side}
Some maintaind it was blacky some maintaind it was blue.
It had something' o' haith as a body may trow.
Rut, in sooth, I assure yrai, lor ought that I saw,
Still his bonnet had naething uncommon ava;
Tho' the haill parish ralk'd o' Rob Roryvm's bonnet,
Twas a' for the marvellous head that was in it .
That head let it rest it is now in the moots,
Tho' in life a* the warld beside it were fools;
Vet 6' what kind o' -wisdom his head was possest,
Nane kend but himsel, sae there's nane that will misst.
But there's some still in life, wha eternally blame,
"VVha on huts and on |fs rear their fabric o' (ante;
To all such I inscribe this most beautiful sonnet,
To crown them the heirs o' Rob Roryson's bonnet.

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